Health structure with Orthopaedic and Rehabilitative services, licensed by the SSR.

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Inside Frate Sole facility there is a Specialist Polyclinic equipped with specialized teams and cutting-edge technological tools to meet the needs of each patient. It is possible to make visits in agreement with the Regional Health System or in a private solvency regime.

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The outpatient structure of Frate Sole guarantees medical visits of various disciplines:


Inside the Angiology unit disease that affect blood and lymphatic vessels are studied and treated. It is possible to carry out echocolordopplers and medical examinations.


Geriatric ward deals with the assessment and management of the typical needs of the elderly in terms of health. The task of the geriatrician is often made difficult by the fact that it is not uncommon, after 65 years, to encounter multiple health problems at the same time that would require the intervention of different specialists. The geriatrician also prevents the simultaneous intake of multiple drugs to cause side effects or produce dangerous interactions.


In the cardiology unit, congenital or acquired cardiovascular diseases are treated, and are performed: specialist examinations, stress tests, echocolordoppler, electrocardiograms and cardiac monitoring.

Antalgic therapy

Antalgic therapy is a specific branch of anesthesia whose goal is to reduce pain.
The goal of this therapy is to improve the patient's quality of life through the best possible management of pain. The presence of pain in fact impacts a lot on everyday life, limiting personal and work life.


The ophtalmology unit of Frate Sole deals with the Visual acuity measurement , diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and visual defects. In the diagnostic area, innovative tools are available, such as the topoaberrometer for the study of corneal pathologies, the OCT for the study of the retina and the optic nerve.


At Frate Sole's Orthopaedic unit it is possible to carry out specialist examinations related to all kee, shoulder and hip's diseases. The innovative tools and professionalism of our orthoped surgeons make treatmenst and operations highly effective. Furthermore, it is possible to undergo a post-operative path with qualified physioterapists.


Frate Sole's Gynaecology unit offers 360-degree services and advice for the prevention and treatment of all gynecological, oncological diseases, monitoring of pregnancies and the treatment of disorders related to menopause. In addition to gynecological examinations, also removal of polyps, biopsies, colposcopy / vulvoscopy, cytological and histological diagnosis, traditional but also pelvic, transabdominal ultrasound scans


Frate Sole's Psycology unit offers psycological support in cases of existential suffering, anxiety, phobias, depression and other psycological issues. The patient has the possibility to attend individual or group sessions to help him face hard situations.


Frate Sole's Rheumatology unit deals with the diagnosis and therapy of locomotor system's degenerative or inflammatory diseases, as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the tendons etc. Moreover, it is possible to undergo a rheumatological examination with the specialist, who will give the patient useful directions for future checks.


The Physiatrics unit of the Casa di Cura Frate Sole deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal system's diseases, and with setting up a personalized rehabilitation path for each patient.


At the Casa di Cura Frate Sole there is an Acupunture unit, a medical discipline which uses a method of treatment that consists in the insertion of very thin sterile and disposable metal needles in the skin.


At Frate Sole's Polyclinic there is a specialized nutritionist who provides nutritional counseling and nutrition education programs, releasing personalized diet plans for all ages, even if they have been diagnosed with diseases, such as: obesity, overweight, underweight, eating disorders (DCA), dyslipidemia (hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia), diabetes, arterial hypertension.

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