Physiotherapy Centre

Health structure with Orthopaedic and Rehabilitative services, licensed by the SSR.


Physiotherapy Centre

The Physiotherapy Centre of the Private Hospital has a big swimming pool equipped for individual and group therapies.

Postural training

Corrective Postural Training is addressed to children and teenagers, those individuals that are still growing and whose bone formation is not definitive, consequently still modificable through the proper use of physical training. The objective is to to correct the paramorphisms and to modify the incorrect attitudes, through exercises of elongation of myofascial retractions, strengthening of the deficient muscles, research of correct posture both in dynamic and static situations, perception and self-correction of postural defects.


Hydrokinesitherapy is the set of rehabilitation techniques performed in water. It proves to be very effective and beneficial for joint and functional recovery, in the presence of both chronic and acute pathologies, reducing fatigue and pain.

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